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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Summertime Swimming

One of my customers emailed me these photos a few days ago.  I thought they were so cute and brought back so many memories, that I just had to post them. 

We sold the mother to this filly a few years back in foal to Jewel.  Her new owner, Marie Coutu, drove all the way from Ontario Canada to pick her up.  She had this darling filly the next Spring, they call her Roo. 

Marie and her daughter are quite ambitious.  They show in performance halter and actually fit these cowhorse babies and get them shown as youngsters.  As you can see, they do lots of other fun stuff with them too.  This is the same filly that's listed on my website for sale, her name is Cash Or Chex Doc.

When I saw these pictures, I couldn't help but think back to when I was a teenager, by the way, that was a 100 years ago!  My best friend Kris and I would pack a lunch, put on our suits with a pair of jeans over the top, and ride our grade ponies, Cinnamon and Champ right through the middle of town and out to a little channel at Liberty Lake.  I bet the ride was a good 10 miles.  When I look back on it, I can't believe our parents let us ride so far and through so many dangerous situations.

We rode every day and literally rode the shoes right off of our horses.  We would spend the day out there swimming those poor ponies back and forth across the channel.  There was no better fun than those hot summer days.

The ride home, NOT SO FUN!!  We didn't bring dry clothes with us other than the jeans we had, so we pulled those jeans up over our wet swimsuits and hopped up for the bareback ride home.  I don't even think I owned a saddle at the time.  Anyway, during our fabulous day of swimming we had collected some little pieces of sand in our swimsuit bottoms.  Well, you can only imagine what our behinds started feeling like riding bareback in a wet swimsuit for 10 miles with sand stuck in our pants!  Needless to say, I ended up getting off and walking most of the way home. 

The pain doesn't cloud any of the fun we had, and oh the memories, I could write a whole book about my adventures with Kris.  We did some crazy stuff over the years, but that's for another day.


Vick said...

Hi Marcy - Gotta love those pics - I have wonderful summertime swim stories as well. The Colville River ran right through my parent's ranch here in Chewelah. And like you, I rode every day - even rode lots of times across the valley (down main street of Chewelah) to my 4-H leaders/friends home ....even went moonlight riding lots of times. Wouldn't have let Kaleena do that for nothing now-a-days!! Vickie

Beth said...

Love the pics! And you made me think of my childhood days on horseback...SIGH. Like you spending hours and hours and miles and miles on horseback riding out alone most of the time. ( no sandy bottom on bareback tho! ) Good times. Love the stories and blogs...keep em coming!!

Laura said...

Cute pictures! I really envy you guys who grew up with horses in your lives! I had them for a couple of years in my 20s, then had five kids and...well...priorities took over...and then finally got back into them about seven years ago. Actually, Marcy, you were quite instrumental in that journey, offering us 23-year-old Caulder for our daughter, who desperately needed horse therapy. And here we are now, with four horses, two ponies, and living on a few acres that are heavenly.

Now, I'm a riding fool at age 54! Have to make up for lost time! One of my best riding buddies is 72...so there's hope for me to have a lot more riding in this life (and just hanging out with the horses is good, too!).

Skye said...

Marcy - I sure do enjoy your new blog! It is so fun to keep up with a great horse related family and program like yours! Growing up in Arizona water was few and far between! I didtn get to really swim with horses until this year at 20 years old (except a few beach rides). It is such a thrill. I swam for years and years into the Olympic level and always dreamed of swimming with my horse. It is the most amazing feeling ever, and so good for them at that! Keep the stories coming! And as always thank you for the opportunity to purchase Cha Ching Chex from ya'll! He is outstanding!

Grandma Patti & Papa Bob said...

Hi Marcy, I remember growing up in Oregon riding from sun up to sun down. We would ride all over the mountain stopping only to pick huckleberries, salmon berries and drinking cold mountain stream water. Laying back on our horses while they grazed in the warm afternoon sun, staring up at the clouds.....great memories...thanks for helping me remember a simpler time of life!! Ruby is doing really well. I can hardly wait the arrival of Jewel and Ruby's foal. Talk to you soon, patti